In fall of 2013, Gravity Logic Inc. was hired to conduct a general feasibility study for a year-round downhill mountain bike park in Tehachapi. After several meetings and a two day site visit, a feasibility study was delivered to City Staff. In short, that feasibility study confirmed that the concept of creating a world-class downhill bike park is not only possible but that it has the potential to be very successful, drawing nearly 100,000 visitors annually.

Feasibility Study (PDF)

Trail Concept (PDF)

Developing such a facility would likely require partners, sponsors, investors, and other creative means but could increase new revenue to local businesses by approximately $10 million per year within the first 5 years. While one site located primarily in the City limits, was considered during the study, others were also identified and considered outside of the City limits. We are of the opinion that regardless of its location within the Tehachapi area, a downhill bike park is a legitimate opportunity for Tehachapi to attract visitors and new investments.

View of the land from on the top of a mountain
Group photo on top of the mountain