Councilmember Dennis Wahalstrom

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and then to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I went to junior and senior high schools.

On a holiday trip in 1982 with my family to Northern California, freeway traffic was diverted into the City of Tehachapi, until Highway 58 could be cleared of snow. This event was my first taste of Tehachapi and my family and I were impressed with the City's quaint charm. (During this time period, Las Vegas was starting to experience a huge growth spurt and was becoming a less desirable place to raise small children.)

So sixteen months later, in May of 1984, my family and I moved to Tehachapi, where I worked at various wind parks and in the oil fields, as a heavy-equipment operator and welder.

Dennis Wahalstrom

I was hired by the City of Tehachapi in September of 1988 as a maintenance worker; and in February of 1994, I accepted the position of Public Works Superintendent (as it was called then) and remained Director of Public Works until 2013.

Working for the City of Tehachapi for twenty-five (25) years, gave me the opportunity to work with "a Team" that planned for the future of Tehachapi, dealt with the problems of a growing small town, and I watched with satisfaction at the progress being made.

It was my honor to work for the City of Tehachapi for 25 years; and with that work-experience and vision (of doing what's in Tehachapi residents' "best interests"), I'm now proud to serve as one of Tehachapi's City Council Members.