Local Control-Measure S


**Slide 11 of the Community Feedback Results Presentation as presented to the Tehachapi City Council  by City Manager Greg Garrett on July 18, 2022. This slide references potential budget impacts as outlined in the 2022-2026 five year preliminary budget.

What is Measure S?

After months of outreach to the community residents on service priorities, the Tehachapi City Council unanimously placed the City of Tehachapi Local Control Measure S on the November 8 ballot for voter consideration. Every voter will have the choice to vote by mail or vote in person.

If approved by local voters, Measure S would enact a 1-cent local sales tax until ended by voters, providing a source of local funds that cannot be taken by the county or state.  

The City of Tehachapi's Measure S was placed on the ballot after months of engagement with Tehachapi residents on their service priorities as years of state takeaways of local funds and increases at the county level for basic fire services have created a situation where the City is projecting a future budget deficit. Further cuts to basic services may be required without additional local funds.  

The intent of Measure S if approved is to maintain the following local services as prioritized by community feedback.

  •  Maintaining Local Control
  •  Maintaining fire protection 
  •   Preventing Crime 
  •   Maintaining local 911 dispatch 
  •   Protect drinking water 
  •   Repair streets/potholes

**The City of Tehachapi's Measure S should not be confused with Measure K proposed by the County of Kern. The City's measure will only apply and be voted on by City residents (the reverse is true for the unincorporated County measure). Even if both measures are approved, they are not compounded and therefore the sales tax rate in the City of Tehachapi would just be 8.25%.



Measure S: To protect Tehachapi’s financial stability/maintain general City services such as fire protection, local 9-1-1 response, crime prevention; protect drinking water; prepare for/respond to natural disasters, earthquakes /fires; help retain businesses/jobs; repair streets/ potholes; keep public areas safe/clean; shall an ordinance establishing a 1¢ sales tax providing approximately $4,000,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring spending disclosure, funds controlled locally/ no money for Sacramento, be adopted?






If you would like to receive more information regarding Tehachapi's current challenges and the City of Tehachapi 'Measure S' please contact Assistant City Manager Corey Costelloe at ccostelloe@tehachapicityhall.com or by phone (661) 822-2200 ex. 121. City staff will provide information about this measure upon request. 


Measure S will comply with tough accountability provisions and fiscal safeguards such as public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits to ensure funds will be used efficiently, effectively, and as promised. By law, all Measure funds will remain in the City of Tehachapi and cannot be taken by the Federal, State and County governments. 

Please make an informed decision in the upcoming Municipal Election as we work to keep Tehachapi a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 

REMEMBER TO VOTE IN the City of Tehachapi’s NOVEMBER 8 MUNICIPAL ELECTION! For more information about how to vote, please visit www.KernVote.com.