The City of Tehachapi Engineering Department is primarily tasked with constructing the public’s infrastructure as directed by the City Council. Infrastructure improvements can either by city-initiated or development-initiated. The department is responsible for a wide range of activities including, but not limited to, the following:

City-Initiated Construction

• Grant identification, application, and execution

• Project design including direct management of design consultants

• Construction management

• Construction inspection / observation

• Project feasibility analysis and study

• Project budgeting

Development-Initiated Construction

• Improvement plan review and approval

• Development and management of construction standards

• Private development inspection / observation

• Mapping review and approval

• CEQA documentation review

The Engineering Department also manages construction by others on public streets through the Encroachment Permit process. These permits are available on this website using the links to the left.

For questions regarding active construction within the City or about the Encroachment Permit process, please contact:

(661) 822-2200 ext. 114
Email Encroachment Permit

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