Finance Director Recruitment

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The City of Tehachapi has a long-standing tradition of balanced budgeting and fiscal responsibility resulting in award-winning financial operations and fiscal health. Due to a retirement, we are searching for our next Finance Director who can integrate into our executive leadership team, continue the success of our financial operations and help lead our City into the future.

The City of Tehachapi is seeking a leader to play a critical role in supervising and participating in the development of the City, Redevelopment Agency and finance department's annual operating budget and capital improvement budget. Someone who can direct the forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and implement mid-year adjustments. 

We are seeking a director capable of leading, selecting, training, motivating and evaluating personnel while helping maintain the discipline and high standards necessary for the efficient and professional operations of the finance department. 

Our ideal candidate needs to understand generally accepted accounting principles and financial reporting along with the internal control procedures and practices as they apply to a public agency. Understanding of pertinent local, State and Federal laws rules and regulations is required along with the ability to lead a department responsible for accounting, auditing, risk management, personnel, purchasing, utility billing, treasury and customer service. 

The City of Tehachapi is a unique community maturing in our operations, strategies and public service. We are seeking the right individual to continue our fiscal strength, vision and financing of the initiatives necessary to continue to serve our citizens and contribute to our wonderful quality of life.



Finance Director Job Description and Qualifications

Salary Hiring Range: Up to $13,585 mo.

Work Schedule: Monday-Thursday 7am-5:30pm

Holidays: 11.5 Holidays (115 hours)

Vacation: 80 hours (accrued at 3.08 hours per pay period)

Sick: 96 hours (accrued at 3.7 hours per pay period)

Admin Time: 80 hours (accrued at 3.08 hours per pay period)

Retirement: CalPERS-         Classic Member 2% @ 60 w/ 7% Employee Contribution

                                               PEPRA Member 2% @ 62 w/ 6.75% Employee Contribution

                                457 Deferred Compensation and/or Roth available--employee only contribution

Health Coverages: Choose from 7 health plans-5 Anthem Blue Cross Plans (3 PPO and 2 HMO options) and 2 Kaiser Permanente Plans (1 HMO and 1 High Deductible). Delta Dental PPO, Vision Services Plan

City contributions up to the following per month:

Employee Only  $660 per month

Employee +1     $1320 per month

Family               $1800 per month

If the Kaiser high deductible plan is selected, a contribution to an HSA will be made up to the following amount per calendar year:

Employee Only $1140

Employee +1    $2700

Family              $2550

Life Insurance: 2x's employees base salary capped at $150,000

Supplemental Insurance: Eligible to participate in AFLAC supplemental coverage after six months. FSA and Dependent Care plans available.

Cell Phone Allowance: $100 per month

Car Allowance: $400 per month