Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the City of Tehachapi Measure S?

A: On July 18, 2022, the Tehachapi City Council unanimously placed the City of Tehachapi Local Control/ Essential Services Measure, now known as Measure S, on the November 8, 2022, General Election ballot. If approved by local voters in November, the measure would enact a 1- cent local sales tax until ended by voters, allowing the city to address critical local service needs with funding that cannot be taken by the Federal, State or County governments.

Q: Why was Measure S placed on the ballot?

A: Tehachapi has lost about $6.5 million from Sacramento actions over the past few years, with over $2 million in the last year alone, and the regional oil economy is being threatened by the State. Because of these actions, and the increase in price for basic safety services, the city is operating at a deficit. 

Q: Will other local sales tax measures impact the sales tax rate in the City of Tehachapi?

A: No. While the County of Kern is pursuing a similar measure, it applies to unincorporated communities only (for example, Old Towne, Stallion Springs, Bear Valley Springs), but not the City of Tehachapi. Even if both measures are approved by voters, the City of Tehachapi's sales tax rate would be just 8.25%.

Q: Will the City of Tehachapi Local Control/ Essential Services Measure impact local services?

A: Yes. Without additional funds, the City Manager has informed the City Council that the city will be forced to make additional cuts to local budgets. Because of past budget cuts, programs and services that could otherwise help us recover from the current crisis as well as fund basic services such as emergency response, public safety, and much needed street repairs, will be impacted by further cuts.

Q: What safety services could be impacted?

A: Kern County has increased costs for basic fire services for every city in the county, including Tehachapi. Without additional local funds to pay for those increased costs that this measure could provide, Kern County  will  reduce the level of emergency response throughout the city.

Q: Can Sacramento take these funds?

A: No. A sales tax measure applied in the City of Tehachapi cannot be taken by Sacramento. The ballot language is clear on that provision as all funds are to be kept local. 

Q: What services could the measure help address?

A: The measure can help the city of Tehachapi maintain essential general city services residents have indicated are important, such as fire protection, helping prevent crime, protecting drinking water, preparing for and responding to natural disasters, maintaining local 911 emergency response, and maintaining infrastructure among other items. 

Q. Will Measure funds be spent responsibly?

A. Yes. Revenue from the measure will be subject to tough accountability provisions such as public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits. By law, all funds must remain in the City of Tehachapi and cannot be taken by the Federal, State or County governments.

Q: How can I get more information about the Measure and the Upcoming General Election? 

A: Please visit for information about the measure and how to participate in the local November 8, 2022 Election.