Housing Element Update

The City's Housing Element is a state-required chapter or 'element' of the City of Tehachapi's long range General Plan. The Housing Element assesses the City's housing needs and housing stock conditions and establishes a roadmap to accommodate projected housing demands and each city's "fair share." This element sets citywide housing-related goals, objectives, policies and programs so the government and private sector can work together to address housing.  This is a public process with input coming from community meetings, some of which have already been completed (information below) and others that will be scheduled in the future. 

Community Meeting #1, Introductory Workshop 

On June 21, 2023, the City hosted a community meeting to inform community members about the Housing Element, answer questions, and receive comments. Below are some related documents from the meeting and introductory workshop.

Powerpoint Presentation 

Video recording (Zoom)

Community Meeting #2, Planning Commission & City Council Study Session

 On July 10, 2023, members from the Tehachapi City Council, City Planning Commission and the public participated in a second workshop and study session to discuss the analysis of housing needs and next steps for the City's Housing Element.

Powerpoint Presentation

Public Review Draft

Public Review Draft

Contact Information:

Send your questions or comments to one of our project managers, Jen Paolozzi at jpaolozzi@tehachapicityhall.com or (661) 822-2200 ex. 118

Additional Resources:

Existing Housing Element (2015-2023)

City of Tehachapi General Plan (Adopted 2013)

State Housing and Community Development Department Website