Solar APP+ (Instant Solar Permits)

SolarAPP+ (Instant Solar Permits)

Experience a quicker and more cost-effective solar power system installation for your home thanks to the City of Tehachapi’s simplified and streamlined application process. The City of Tehachapi is committed to promoting renewable energy systems by offering affordable permit fees for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations and standardized solar permitting guidelines.

SolarAPP+ is a web-based platform that automates solar permitting for local governments and eliminates the need for a plan review check by permitting staff. It is designed to provide a code-compliance check for the majority of residential, roof-mounted, retrofit photovoltaic systems. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklist below:

   New Rooftop Residential Retrofit PV Systems – Eligibility Checklist

   New Rooftop Residential Retrofit PV Systems with Energy Storage Systems – Eligibility Checklist

Contractors will be able to register as an installer on SolarAPP+ and submit their application. They will then be provided a SolarAPP+ confirmation information with an ID number that will then be used on the City of Tehachapi’s online permitting system.

Solar APP+ Application Process

  1. Create an account with Solar APP+ if you don’t already have an account.
  2. Submit your project through SolarAPP+ application process for review.
  3. Pay the $25.00 processing fee charged by SolarAPP+.
  4. Download the approval documents.
  5. The approval documents must be uploaded into the City’s online permitting portal, Citizen Access, when applying for your permit.

 City of Tehachapi’s Solar Application Process

  1. Login or create a login to the City’s Online Permitting Portal, Citizen Access.
  2. Apply for a “Solar with SolarAPP+” permit in the portal. You will be asked for your SolarAPP+ confirmation number and be required to upload SolarAPP+ Approval Documents and Solar APP+ Inspection Checklist.
    1. If your project falls outside of the requirements of SolarAPP+, apply for a “Solar” permit. Your plans will be reviewed by the building inspector, and after completing the typical building permit process, receive your permit (not automatic).
  3. Pay permit fees in Citizen Access. You will be charged a 2.7% credit card processing fee.
  4. Upon successful completion of all requisite submission documents and completion of fee payments, the Solar permit shall be automatically issued. Your permit will be generated and can be printed through the online portal in the attachments section under “Record Information”.
  5. When you are ready for an inspection call (661) 822-2200, ext. 116 to request an inspection.

SolarAPP+ FAQs

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  9. How do I prepare for an inspection?
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