Development Services

Mission Statement

To plan, design, guide, and construct the community and its infrastructure in a cost efficient, reliable, and attractive fashion while maintaining high quality customer service and standards.


The Development Services Department is responsible for managing effectively all private and public development within the City of Tehachapi. Comprised of three sub-departments, Development Services is responsible for long- and short-term planning, building code enforcement and inspection, capital projects, and public project management and inspection.

Planning Department

The City Planning Department is charged with shaping the community at large. Maintaining the City General Plan, enforcing the Zoning Code and managing environmental reviews are just a few of the duties vested with the department. If you are interested in any of the following items, we suggest you begin with the City Planning Department:

• Questions about what you can do with your property?

• Private land development

• Land subdivision

• Annexations

• Conditional and Minor Use Permits

• Temporary Use Permits

• Landscaping modification or development

Building Department

The Tehachapi Building Department is responsible for State and Local building code enforcement within the Tehachapi City Limits. If you are located out of the City Limits, please seek assistance from the Kern County Building Department: Click Here

Try our Building Department website for any of the following actions:

• Questions about what improvements require a permit?

• Obtaining a Building Permit

• Questions about permit history for a given property?

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance

• Inspection hours and procedures

Engineering Department

The City of Tehachapi Engineering Department has the duty to manage capital projects initiated by the City Council and to enforce development standards for private land development. Common work duties include project design, construction, construction management, and inspection. For private development, plan review and inspection of public improvements are handled by the Engineering Department. The following list presents several of the items handled by Engineering:

• Improvements or modifications to facilities within the public roadways

• Encroachment Permits

• Public improvement plan review

• Questions about an active construction project

• Information about working on City projects

• Bid listings

• Subdivision and Development Standards